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Sunday, April 24, 2011


My mom had ask me to go and spend a night at her house, as she never likes to stay by herself. I have a 30 something year old brother that lives with her, well I should say, lives off of her. Anyway, he was out of town with a friend and wasn't suppose to come home until sometime Sunday. Well I should of known, 4 am the door bell is ringing, and guess who is at the door? Yep, my idiot brother! I was so mad. I got my things together and came home (I live only10 minutes away), as I figured he would keep me awake by going in and out of the fridge.  Last time I stayed we were having a snow storm and he shows up at 2 am!
 No he doesn't work, never did. He's done or does drugs, smokes at least a pack of cigeretts a day and gosh only knows what else. He has no respect for others and is probably going to either kill my mom or drive her to have a nervous breakdown, but then again, she pretty much can't stop him. She gives in to him whenever he wants money which is about everyday.
 Well sorry for the venting. As you can tell, I'm still up. Thanks to him,

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